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FAL US Parts Info

  From the list of foreign made parts, per BATFE Reg. 178.39  20 foreign - imported parts can be OMITTED or exchanged with US MADE parts on imported sporting class rifles. Only 17 of these parts from the BATF list apply to the FAL rifle. 16 parts are currently US manufactured and available for purchase. You must choose from the list of 16 below, not just any US part will count. Selector switches, scope mounts, sights etc. do not help your parts count. Some parts are marked or stamped with an identification mark and others are distinguished by their unique profile/shape and CNC machined characteristics that visibly differ from the original military version. To an experienced eye, the differences are very easy to identify. If you have an imported thumb hole stock SAR4800 or post 1989 ban FAL, that you want to refit with AW features, or planning on building your USA sporter FAL. You will need a total combination of " 7 " US parts from the list below.



1 )  Buttstock DSA, TAPCO, Ironwood, Blue Monster
2 )  Lower receiver / aka; Trigger housing DSA  T6 Alloy & Stainless
3 )  Pistol grip DSA, TAPCO, Ironwood, CAI
4 )  Trigger, Hammer, Sear pak    3 U.S. PARTS DSA, Falcon
5 )  Upper receiver DSA, DCI
6 )  Cocking handle / aka; Operating rod DSA, FSE, TAPCO
7 )  Barrel DSA or US quality replacement bbl.
8 )  Hand guard set DSA, Penguin, CAI, TAPCO, Ironwood
9 )  Gas piston DC Ind., FSE, TAPCO, DSA
10 ) Muzzle device / Flash Hider DSA, FSE, Moses, TAPCO, PWS - Any US
11 ) Magazine -  floor plate FSE, Falcon, DSA, Hesse - Any US
12 ) Magazine -  follower None Advised
13 ) Magazine Body DSA (complete mag = 3 US parts)
14 ) Bolt None Available
15 ) Bolt carrier   DSA, Falcon  - Para type

Sample Combinations

DSA Furniture Kit 1-2-3 Lower Receiver - upper receiver 1-2
DSA , Trigger-Hammer-Sear  PAK 4-5-6 DSA - Furniture Kit 3-4-5
DSA, Tapco - Gas Piston 7th DSA , FSE - Cocking Handle 6


DSA, Tapco - Gas Piston 7
DSA Furniture Kit 1-2-3 Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider   ( Optional ) 8th
DSA, Falcon  - Trigger - Hammer - Sear PAK 4-5-6  
Plain - Crowned Muzzle omits 1prt.